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(Archive) Eindhoven Design District Launch

An introduction to Eindhoven Design District

This project was part of DDW 2022

Eindhoven Design District is bursting with design. Our exhibition takes you along many design hotspots, incubators, and hidden gems. As well as urban developments that designers took to the next level. Be amazed!

This is Eindhoven Design District

Eindhoven is bursting with all sorts of design! We have events such as the Dutch Design Week, talented designers, inspiring exhibitions, creative districts, and innovative companies. Only, all this design power isn't always visible. It's time for a change!

We take you on a journey along Eindhoven's hotspots and point out less visible design must-sees. Under the flag 'Eindhoven Design District', we ensure more people can see and experience design. Who are 'we'? The city council of Eindhoven, Dutch Design Foundation, and Eindhoven365 (the city marketing organization). We take you along 'hidden' design spots, such as the many creative incubators in the city. And along urban developments, where you often don't even realize that a designer was involved.

We also support new projects to ensure that our city makes even more use of its design strength. With co-financing, but also by using our network and expertise.

About the expo

In our expo on Ketelhuisplein, you get a taste of all that design power in Eindhoven. Slide out the panels and discover the exceptional design that the city has to offer. No time to read? Take a booklet with you! Via the screens, you can learn about even more design, such as design routes and hidden gems. And don't forget to check out De Tekentafel: a podcast about how to get the most out of design.