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Embassy of Rethinking Plastic

Root on Root — © Zena Holloway

With Rethinking Plastic, Yksi Expo shows in a surprising and stimulating way how we can look at and deal with plastic, the world’s most maligned material, differently. As an originally cheap material, it is easily discarded. With all its consequences. It is high time to change our view on plastics a

Embassy of Rethinking Plastic

The urgency of plastic as an environmental problem is clear, but at the same time, a world without plastic is hardly imaginable. Designers are developing alternatives. Think of products that last longer, are easier to separate and therefore more recyclable. Or, for example, systems that enable us to collect plastic in a meaningful way, reuse it and upcycle it into new products. But they also help to create (emotional) value in products so that users start to experience plastic differently.

Through continuously changing exhibitions, lectures and workshops, the Embassy in 2022 will be addressing the entire chain. Under Rethinking Plastic Academy, students from various design courses, such as SintLucas College Eindhoven/Boxtel, Minerva Groningen and L’École de design Nantes, are working on the topic of plastics.

During Dutch Design Week 2022, the Embassy takes you along the material’s many possibilities. From naturally dyed bio-textiles to 3D printed furniture based on residues from drinking water production and sewage treatment. And from acoustic panels to material research resulting in algae-based packaging material base. In addition, participants and partners such as Brightlands

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World Design Embassies deploys the power of design in the development of new perspectives and concrete directions to societal challenges. In open coalitions, we work with partners and designers on the future. WDE is a programme of Dutch Design Foundation.
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