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Expeditie 55+

The seniors citizen complex as a pleasant and social environment for residents and stakeholders

Co-creation at Den Hoogenban, Rotterdam — © Birgit Jürgenhake

How can we arrange the physical places in senior citizen complex Den Hoogenban (in Rotterdam) in such a way that they can contribute to a pleasant and social place?

We share the results, interventions and explore the next step of Expeditite 55+ with you.

About the project

We have been inspired by the following themes: strengthening autonomy, facilitating pleasant ways of interacting and researching how this can be done in an inclusive way, for each based on their on values.

In Den Hoogenban, a senior citizen complex in Rotterdam, we have developed social and physical interventions that contribute to an inclusive and social place. Autonomy and self-management are central themes. We have developed these interventions in co-creation with the target group. We are excited to take you through the process, the results and the next step of ‘Expeditie 55+’.

The lessons and experiments for an inclusive environment are valuable for anyone who is concerned with social issues, diversity and where housing and care issues come together.

More information

Expeditie 55+ is presented by echter ontwerp and Jip van de Beek. It's part of the 'For all ages' collective exhibition, curated by Marleen van Bergeijk.

About echter ontwerp & Jip van de Beek

echter ontwerp: My motivation in all my projects is inclusion. Whether it concerns care issues, the design of the public space, or sustainability. In an inclusive process. The result: an inclusive solution in which everyone is involved, in their own way.

Jip van de Beek serves as a translator between organizations and the people involved in their social challenges. By combining data, stories and creativity, she can create a new perspective on complex issues, together with the target group.

Co-creation session at Den Hoogenban, Rotterdam — © Jip van de Beek

Festive gathering at Den Hoogenban, Rotterdam — © Jip van de Beek

Co-creation session at Den Hoogenban, Rotterdam — © Jip van de Beek

Festive gathering at Den Hoogenban, Rotterdam

Strijp-S area, Trudotorenplein, Philitelaan , Map No. B16
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