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Pretty Weird Things

New playful / laughable / beautiful / strange designs by Studio Erik Stehmann.

PWT - Pretty Weird Things

Product designer Erik Stehmann shows his new playful designs and brainfarts. Amongst other designs is his new and alienating lighting collection: PWT, short for: Pretty Weird Things.

Oops I did it again!

"It happened again, I've lost myself in a technique. I always saw 3D printing as a technique that is only suitable for printing technical parts, not for aesthetics.
But as I started working at home more often during the first lockdown -with only a small workroom and one 3D printer- I started to get annoyed by my prejudice about this technique and I eventually became committed to disprove my own prejudice"

Pretty Weird Things is a collection of ingenious and fully 3d printed lamps. They are designed to achieve the best possible quality using the FDM 3d printing technique. Erik Stehmann has specially designed and built a printer to fabricate these shapes.

About Studio Erik Stehmann

In 2009, Erik Stehmann founded his studio in Arnhem (NL).
Since that time, he has been exploring his rapidly changing interests on a daily basis. The studio approaches design as if it were adult toys (not the dirty ones).

About his work Erik says, “the best part of my work is that I can challenge myself, every day! I enjoy plotting and designing. There’s nothing more enjoyable than watching a design grow in the process of creation.”

PWT - Pretty Weird Things

PWT - Pretty Weird Things