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(Archive) Pretty Weird Things

New playful / laughable / beautiful / strange designs by Studio Erik Stehmann.

This project was part of DDW 2022
PWT - Pretty Weird Things

Product designer Erik Stehmann shows his new playful designs and brainfarts. Amongst other designs is his new and alienating lighting collection: PWT, short for: Pretty Weird Things.

Oops I did it again!

"It happened again, I've lost myself in a technique. I always saw 3D printing as a technique that is only suitable for printing technical parts, not for aesthetics.
But as I started working at home more often during the first lockdown -with only a small workroom and one 3D printer- I started to get annoyed by my prejudice about this technique and I eventually became committed to disprove my own prejudice"

Pretty Weird Things is a collection of ingenious and fully 3d printed lamps. They are designed to achieve the best possible quality using the FDM 3d printing technique. Erik Stehmann has specially designed and built a printer to fabricate these shapes.

PWT - Pretty Weird Things

PWT - Pretty Weird Things