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(Archive) Taartrovers Film Festival

This festival for the little ones combines eye-catching installations with the most beautifull children's films and lots of room to play.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Taartrovers Lab @ Taartrovers Film Festival — © Almicheal Fraay

At Taartrovers you can watch funny, exciting and moving films. Films made with a lot of love and attention. Come and have a look and then dive into Tartrovers' Lab: play with light, let marbles roll and spin, make your own film or collect fragrant flowers and brew your own cup of tea.

More than just "catching a movie"

At Taartrovers, special children's films are shown for children between two and nine years old. Come and watch and then dive into Taartrovers' Lab: explore and play with light. Make a marble track and let the marbles roll and spin. Play with blocks and make them move in your own film. Go hop-skipping from one installation to the next. Tired of all the movement? Then sink down with a story on your ears and move only in your imagination. Thirsty? Gather the most fragrant flowers and leaves and brew your own cup of tea.

Eye candy for young and old

Exciting, funny and touching films are shown, a nice addition to the films that children see every day. What they have in common is that the artistic films are made with a lot of love and attention. And that shows. The films of Taartrovers connect seamlessly to the perception of young children and make them look at the world around them with different eyes. Most of the films have never been shown in cinemas before.

Taartrovers: Festival vibes for Children

Taartrovers Film Festival is the ultimate film festival for children (also for the very young (2+)). Come and visit us during the autumn holidays, from 26 to 30 October, in Natlab, Eindhoven.

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De mooiste kinderfilms — © Almicheal Fraay

Taartrovers Lab — © Almicheal Fraay

Heerlijk spelen in het Lab — © Almicheal Fraay

Laat knikkers rollen en tollen