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Your o(w)n demand t-shirt

Come to see the making of your own made-to-measure t-shirt. From a 3D body scan, to the final product.

The scanning process ‚ÄĒ ¬© Ataly√©

We collaborated with MOOOI to offer DDW visitors a made-to-measure T-shirt with the ‚ÄėMenagerie of Extinct Animals‚Äô print. Come and discover Ataly√©‚Äôs new shopping experience.

Watch our LIVE production demo, from 3D body scan to T-shirt. Daily from 13:00 until 15:00.

Our process

At Atalyé we upgraded the made-to-measure production process with the help of technology. We combine 3D body scanning, our automatic pattern-making software, and automatic cutting. We create garments that fit and make you feel good.

Efficient and sustainable production

Atalyé wants to showcase that on-demand garment production is possible, scalable and affordable. Our efficient and transparent production process enables us to offer sustainable, made-to-measure garments. As a customer, you are able to buy your item and receive it within a few days.

Customizable designs

With our on-demand model, you are able to customize the garments to your liking. We offer a variety of silhouette design options, as well as choices in color and fabric.

We know that by making the shopping experience personal, customers are more connected to their garment. We are moving away from standard sizes by making clothing that fits you.

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About Atalyé Amsterdam

Atalyé is a women owned fashion-tech brand that focuses on creating made-to-measure fashion. We combine craftsmanship with technology to bring you garments tailored to your body. Our brand is the solution to the defective traditional fashion industry. We go against standard sizes, overproduction, and waste.

No sizes. Just your body.
The production process ‚ÄĒ ¬© Ataly√©