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(Archive) Kempisch Landschaap

Fabricating relationships to materials from the sheep grazed heathlands.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Meeting the Kempisch Heath Sheep — © Pollyanna Moss

Connecting rural sheep grazing traditions to design audiences; Kempisch Landschaap inquiries on the question ‘what is the local relationship between sheep and the landscape?’

Meeting the Kempisch Heath Sheep

The Kempisch heath sheep are shorn once a year in the summer. This moment marks an annual cycle of heath and grassland management, in which this sheep species plays an indispensable role.

During 2022 shearing day inhabitants, workers, and visitors were approached to share their connection to these sheep and to the landscape. These stories were recorded and embroidered onto woolen hand-felted blankets. ‘Kempisch Landschaap’ is a material record keeping of stories and perspectives on the practice of grazing using sheep in the landscape of Strabrechtse Heide.


Michel and Pollyanna collaborate to make “mock up’s” of footwear from leftover waste materials and locally harvested wool.

MOC-UP is shoe design inspired by the woolen moccasins worn by shearers during sheep-shearing. Moccasins or Mocky’s are working shoes that provide shearers with comfort during long workdays, while keeping them in touch with the movements of the sheep.

Michel Gallus is a shoe designer who challenges the current practices within the footwear industry by designing shoes with dynamic modularity in mind. Each part of the shoe is designed to be assembled and separated following the right of repair movement. Michel works to make repair an integral part of the design of a shoe.

MOC UP — © Pollyanna Moss