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(Archive) The Interactive Textile Library

An online and offline textile library in the high tech city Eindhoven.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Collection of interactive textiles

The Interactive Textile Library is an online and offline library that aims to provide insight to the most interesting interactive textile developments and to connect people so that together we can innovate the industry.

Stimulating the integration of interactive textiles in tomorrow's products

The Interactive Textile Library is an online and offline library filled with interactive textiles (sensing and/or actuated textiles) developed and produced by companies in the industry. We envision a world where electronic interfaces are seamlessly integrated within our surroundings, creating an environment where interactive surfaces and wearables take care of us, assist us and support us, so that we can live in the present. Therefore we created this platform to inspire, develop, curate and inform on the usability of interactive textiles to connect industries so that these textiles will be adopted in common design practices. It is aimed to show textile developments from different industries, from adaptive yarns to shape changing textiles, from printed electronics to textile sensors. The participants showcased on the platform range from individual designers who can help integrate these novel textiles into different domains such as fashion and automotive, to established tech companies who have developed techniques to add functionality or electronics into producible textiles. Come visit us and see the potential future of textiles.

Textile sensors

Interactive textile library