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(Archive) Dear Objects

I tell you what I saw

This project was part of DDW 2022
Vlonder - This Brutal World - Schone Schijn — © Dear Objects - Marc Meeuwissen

Dear Objects tells stories that reflect our time and represents them in 'functional' objects. ‘I tell you what I saw’ is the titel of a series of objects in which the saw is not only one of the tools used, but above all the protagonist who exposes himself in its most brutal manner.

Narrative objects

'Dear Objects' tells you something about our time, not through the form, the style or the material, but through the context – the story. Functionality has no priority here. The objects show that our daily lives are increasingly influenced by the major changes that are taking place.
Household goods stacked on tables, firewood in a cargo bike, a kitchen counter as a home workplace - fleeting observations in which we literally see today’s big themes entering our homes.

Ode to the saw

In the series of objects entitled ‘I tell you what I saw’, the designer takes over the tools from the craftsman.
The saw is allowed to show its work here as we rarely or never see it in the craft; rough and unpolished in its most honest appearance.
His commitment remains visible on the surface and gives the objects a brutalist character.

Plank Bridge (Vlonder) — © Dear Objects - Marc Meeuwissen

This Brutal World — © Dear Objects - Marc Meeuwissen

Commuting Table — © Dear Objects - Marc Meeuwissen

A Brand New World