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(Archive) Learning Experience Design

Exploring how humans develop in education and life

This project was part of DDW 2022
Design based learning with the Groow toolkit

Learning experience design is the discipline of creating rich learning moments and environments. Many people are thinking about where learning should go next. But how do you craft the future of learning in a meaningful way? Studio Tast and Fontys Pulsed are joining forces to tackle this challenge.

Education is Life

Is the traditional learning approach in education too far away from our learning goals as human beings in life?

Studio Tast and Fontys pulsed have made it their purpose to improve educational approaches with Learning experience design (LXD). They believe that education should be a human centered experience that enables everyone to learn and grow regarding to their individuality.
They are convinced that this goal can and must be achieved by taking on different forms and shapes.

Studio Tast is a design studio that creates deep, effective and lasting transformation in the field of learning through tangible and digital design. Fontys Pulsed is an innovative educational environment to help students, educators and professionals to unleash their full potential through design based working.

In both contexts, interventions that are being made to the learning experience are human-centered. These interventions include didactic principles, behavioral changes, adjustments to the learning environment and learning content through design.

Please do touch

In this interactive exhibition visitors will experience the power of design in the context of learning. Not just by looking at our designed solutions, but by contributing to an embodied vision of the future of learning. Learning by doing. In this highly interactive exhibition students, visitors and learning enthousiasts are in charge of literally shaping a collective vision. We want to stimulate a positive bottom-up movement in which the actual end-users decide where education and learning should move next, rather than policymakers and educational specialist deciding it for them.

The exhibition will be a framework in which memories, needs and ideas can be shared and translated into a collective tangible summary.

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