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Spaces for Well Being

enhancing moods by sensory spaces

A+N Spaces for Well Being — © Ronald Smits

A+N presents Spaces for Well Being: our collaboration with a psychologist and sensorial curator to develop research-based spaces that contribute to individual health and happiness. With materials and installations we create sensory experiences that enhance and positively influence your mood.

Influencing state of mind by using spaces and senses

As well being has become an ever-expanding concern for today’s society, the collective Spaces for Well-being’s aim is to develop interior products that are proven to contribute to individual health and happiness.

Collaborating with Psychologist of Senses & Spaces, Renske Bongers, and Curator Justine Kontou, we launch Spaces for Well being: innovative interiors that give you a sensory experience with the intention to influence your mood.

With Spaces for Well being we believe the space around you needs to match your state of mind. Spaces that can be used to feel and experience which mood you’re in or which one you need. We believe that the senses play a main part in how we feel and are key to how we experience our environment.
Inspired by nature we want to create well being spaces in their entirety, using materials, installations and sensory elements. Stimulate the senses in an optimal and unconscious manner to enhance a specific mood.

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About Alissa+Nienke

Alissa+Nienke (A+N) have been creating signature walls and innovative surfaces since 2014.
As well-being has become an ever-expanding concern in today’s society, A+N’s aim is to design interior products that speak to the senses and enhance individual health and happiness.

Inspired by nature and combining craftsmanship with leading-edge technologies, A+N design innovative materials, objects and installations for interior architecture, that trigger curiosity and interaction.

A+N Spaces for Well Being — © Ronald Smits

A+N studio — © Maarten Coolen

A+N Bio Mirror — © Roos Pierson

A+N Surface of Sound