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(Archive) Embassy of Urban Mobility

β€œCities are one of the most important inventions of mankind. In them, we live, work, love and enjoy.” – Rob Adams

This project was part of DDW 2022

What if quality of life and the happiness of future generations were central to the design of cities? What if design would create more connection between people and their environment? And if green pushes out grey?

Embassy of Urban Mobility

At the Embassy of Urban Mobility, we connect designers to major urban issues in the areas of housing, mobility and infrastructure. After all, these are all inextricably linked.

These times give us an opportunity to go back to the drawing board and consider liveable cities. And is making it possible to rectify the design flaw of the last century, in which the efficiency of the system and – as a derivative of it – urban planning were paramount. The past decade has been dominated by smart cities. Technology as an end instead of a means, with the efficiency of the system as the outcome.

Together with partners, we are exploring the roads of the future. We embrace the Embassy from a long-term perspective and the urge to experiment that it requires. In this, we always take the step from thinking to doing. In the form of Embassy Labs, we are initiating experiments in the Brainport region in which we see quality of life as the highest goal. The Embassy and its experiments contribute to a sustainable world. For example, by giving greenery a place where cars used to dominate. Together we are moving from smart cities to human cities.

There is no better way to predict the future than to help shape it yourself. Will you join us?