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(Archive) Rietveld - Cordemeyer - Hutten

This project was part of DDW 2022
Gispen 116_Rietveld

Launch of three new products designed by Wim Rietveld and now adapted to today's ergonomic requirements by Richard Hutten: Gispen 116 chair, Gispen 1401 armchair and Gispen Panama lamps series.

Rietveld - Cordemeyer - Hutten

In the early sixties Wim Rietveld designed a number of products for the Gispen company, the 1401 armchair, the 116 chair and the Panama lamps. Later, Cordemeyer, also associated with Gispen as a designer, made a number of variations on this. Now Richard Hutten, the last art director for Gispen, has given a follow-up to this. With surgical precision he has dissected the old designs. He then adapted these designs to details so that they meet today's ergonomic requirements. Subsequently, the designs were executed in contemporary colors and materials, whereby the traditional "Gispen gray" is reintroduced.

Gispen 1401_Rietveld_1

Gispen 1401_Rietveld_2

Gispen 1410_Cordemeyer

Gispen Panama lamp_Rietveld