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Reaction Time 2.0

Co-creation arena where artists challenge the perception of time, stimulation & response, through craft and digital tools in real-time

Photo by Dor Kedmi | Jerusalem Design Week

Our day-to-day reality changes at an accelerated pace. We must respond fast and effectively to hold on, survive and thrive.
Are we up for it?

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The shortened reaction times to social and technological changes challenge us, as designers, to find new ways to work within a fast-changing world, mediate it and understand its future effects and the role we play in this process.

In an open studio format, a kind of creative lab, we explore social interaction and reaction through interdisciplinary tools - Body and Material, Sound, and Code, in a nonlinear and rhizomatic process. we experiment with real-time creative work while interacting with the visitors - to explore the relations between craft & digital creation, based on short response times.

The space will hold live performances and gallery talk events throughout the design week.

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The term 'Reaction Time' refers to the time interval between stimulus and response. It is often attributed to instinctive physical systems, but our bodies also respond to abstract and digital spaces that occupy a central part of our lives, disrupting our perception of reality and challenging our reaction times.

The last years have pushed us to respond quickly to changes imposed on us and dramatically adjust the nature of our social interactions. It seems that these changes are accelerating, and the ability to respond in active, creative ways is a skill we need to train in order to keep up, survive and thrive.

Out of this sense of urgency, our project was born. Our group deciphers, disassembles, and reassembles the elements in real-time, reacts to them, and documents them. Questions about curatorial strategies and preservation in creative processes, arise from the work and encourage us to explore the significance and impact of rapid changes as a reflection of the existing reality.

Reaction Time 1.0 | Jerusalem Design Week

'Reaction Time' work was first performed at Jerusalem Design Week, 2022, and was produced with the support of the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, The Jerusalem Development Authority, and Ran Wolf Company.

Since 2011, Jerusalem Design Week is the largest and most influential public design event in Israel, offering a multitude of events, performances, and local and international design exhibitions. Each year, Jerusalem Design Week focuses on a central annual theme concerning situations that are at once unique to Jerusalem and Israel, and of international relevance, stemming from the idea that Israel’s cultural landscape allows it to serve as a kind of living laboratory for the exploration of urgent global issues, and based in the belief that design must respond to such issues.

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About Reaction Time Group

We are a group of curators and artists who are intrigued by the way tactile craft resonant with the digital world, and connects people everywhere, today more than ever. We seek to research and expand the role and relationship between curators and artists beyond the traditional exhibition format while dealing with issues relevant to our time.
The project was first performed at Jerusalem Design Week, 2022.

Photo by Dor Kedmi | Jerusalem Design Week

Photo by Dor Kedmi | Jerusalem Design Week

Photos by Tal Penso

Sectie-C area, Hall 14 - E, Daalakkersweg 14-20 , Map No. H19
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