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(Archive) New Way of Wool

Hollands Wol Collectief introduces their first products made from industrially processed Dutch wool.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Designvilt van 100% Nederlandse wol

The Hollands Wol Collectief rebuilds the wool supply chain in the Netherlands. Dutch wool is no longer seen as waste, but is used in high-quality products and valued for its unique properties. Dutch sheep wool is a wonderful biobased material that brings the circular economy into practice.

Value of materials

Wool in the Netherlands is currently discarded as a waste product: it is shipped to China or ends up as landfill. There is almost no wool industry left in the Netherlands. With the New Way of Wool Hollands Wol Collectief proposes an alternative: local use of this beautiful material within a circular supply chain. Every element of the installation is made with love and care and sourced locally and sustainably: the object itself is made from an old oak floor and carefully processed into furniture. The woolen products on display show the incredible versatility of wool and are made in collaboration with partners in the interior branche that share their sustainable and social impact values. On the shelves the products represent HWCs cascading revenue model: high quality products (clothing, interior products) on the higher shelves, wool insulation and fertiliser on the lowest shelf. Every type of wool has an application, the possibilities are endless.

Circular economy in practice

The mission of Hollands Wol Collectief is to fill the missing gaps in the wool supply chain and make Dutch wool available again on the Dutch market. HWC facilitates the production processes from the purchase of raw wool to the production of woollen semi-finished products like felt. They set up partnerships with designers and manufacturers with whom they market the final high-quality products in the interior market. Unique in their approach is that they start from the feedstock and the associated supply chain: every type of wool has an ideal application and no wool is wasted. Telling the story of the New Way of Wool is an important part of the Hollands Wol Collectief and building a new economy needs partners. From the start they built a network of suppliers, farmers, wool experts, manufacturers, ecologists, ambassadors and many more. Join us to bring the circular economy in practice!