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(Archive) Reverso

Reverso filters suspended microparticles, improving the air quality in cities and preventing cardio-respiratory diseases.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Reverso_1 — © Francisco Lara / Max Quast

This project was born out of concern for the poor air quality in cities, caused by particulate matter. 55% of suspended particles (SMOG) are caused by the wear of car brakes, tires and asphalt. Around 7 million deaths per year are attributable to ambient particulate matter air pollution.

Our solution

Reverso is a module-based product that can be installed on the top of various vehicles, consisting of multiple filters able to clean microparticles from the air benefiting from the velocity and aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Reverso generates a direct impact in contributing to the improvement
of air quality in the cities. It is capable of reaching every last
corner of the cities, since it is a totally mobile element and is directly
related to the daily journeys of users. A single module is capable of filtering approximately 7,300,000 m3 of air per year.

If Reverso were installed in all vehicles, can you imagine what it would be capable of?

Circular & Sustainable design

Reverso is built using a natural and sustainable fibre solution, which is both rigid and lightweight, meeting the technical and sustainable properties, without electronic parts neither influencing in the vehicle's perfomance.

We would like to reach the big cities in order to improve the quality of life, creating a local ecosystem in which all phases of the project are developed, such as manufacturing, maintenance and distribution. In this way we could create local jobs as well as reduce the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process.

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Reverso_2 — © Francisco Lara / Max Quast

Reverso_3 — © Francisco Lara / Max Quast

Reverso_4 — © Francisco Lara / Max Quast