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GROUP_B Slancio sneaker / overshoe

A footwear collection that explores a future where enhance performance has no limits, fulled by free creative expression and helps humanity strive for transcending beyond its own capabilities.

Inspired by speed. Group B it’s history, philosophy and contributions

This footwear collection explores a future where enhance performance has no limits. Following the steps of the legendary racing series that bears the same tittle and gave birth to some of the most powerful and sophisticated, rally cars. Know as Group B, and commonly referred to as the golden era of rallying; where the constructors where gave free rein and little to no regulation. A philosophy that strive to enhance and exceed.

Mechanical Doping, Transhumanism and conservative perspectives. Free competitions fuels innovation

The most logical and expected solutions to our questions and problems cause innovation to stagnate. Resulting in a conservative view and a lack of self expression at the moment of creating. For instance innovation on footwear technology are considered mechanical Doping instead of a next step on our human capabilities. Why not start a race for designing the best enhanced performance sneaker? How will that look and how could it help improve our human abilities? Free and hands on experimentation can be the catalyst of ideas that challenge and exploit new thresholds and abilities of what once seemed unimaginable before. Setting the bar higher and creating a new challenge for new ideas.

The pursuit

Group B is based on the idea that innovation is formed in the absence of rules and restrictions. What if a shoe could take on this role? It could become a way of repositioning how we think of our physical abilities and what can be expected from foot- wear design, as well as a tool for self
expression. Suspended from the conventions of what a sneaker needs to be while maintaining its essence. An idea hand-crafted from passion for footwear, car culture and science fiction, that with professional development can open the door for an exiting future to come. A future where creative ex- pression drives innovation and helps humanity strive for transcending beyond its limits.

About Gabriel Giordano

ArtEZ Product Design Alumni.

Footwear Designer / maker / artist

Focused on the history and philosophy of the objects we create and the search for their inherent value; either because of their function, culture, origin, aesthetics, etc.

GROUP_B Salto Sneaker

GROUP_B Luppolo sneaker

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