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(Archive) Gløv

Believe in self-love, believe in a better world.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Gløv — © Suzanne Berkenpas

The green love revolution is here! Gløv is an eco-friendly brand that will give you and the planet a satisfied feeling because the products are made from recycled materials.

About the Brand

As we all expand on our journey of self-love, we become more and more one with our own nature. The logical result is to let our love of ourselves and thus our love of nature shine through, by using sustainable products. Gløv means ‘believe’ in Norwegian. This cleverly chosen name fits perfectly with the look and ideology of this brand. Scandinavian countries are known for their sustainability initiatives, hence the use of the Norwegian word for ‘believe’. The brand dares you to believe. Believing in self-love and believing in a green future for our beloved planet. In a world where you are expected to work hard and be productive every moment, Gløv is there to be still, to feel wholesome, to make time for yourself and live slow.

Brand Identity

Gløv has an organic look and feel. Soft beige and a matt green tint are the colours this brand breathes. The brand is about green living, caring for nature, and caring for yourself. The package is small and simple, so it uses as few resources as possible. The organically plant-like shaped logo and the recycled paper look of the package send across the message of sustainability. The green products inside embody this feeling too, with the colour of nature.

Value & Mission

If you purchase this brand, you too believe in a better world. This brand is for those who want to do better for the planet, live more eco-friendly, and feel confident about their core values. With Gløv you can live up to your strong morals, one of those morals is the belief that caring for your sexual health should be done in an eco-friendly manner. The mission of Gløv is to bring self-love to a deeper level of seeing oneself as part of nature. You belong on this planet, and you need nature to be happy. So why not help nature while you are on a sensual experience of exploring yourself. This brand has the mission to carry out self-love in an equally important way as we carry out our love of nature. Gløv wants you to be aware of the impact you can have on the planet and on yourself. The brand wants you to choose a sustainable alternative and wants you to feel guilt-free and confident while you are on your sexual wellness journey.

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Gløv — © Suzanne Berkenpas

Gløv — © Suzanne Berkenpas

Gløv — © Suzanne Berkenpas