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(Archive) Collaboration for Impact

How to collaborate on societal challenges, and at the same time create value for the creative industries and improve competitiveness?

This project was part of DDW 2022
Collaborating with Nature’s Intelligence — © Avans University of Applied Sciences

In a large collection of ‘boundary objects’ crucial aspects of multi-stakeholder collaborations are highlighted. How do these aspects influence the impact of the solutions that were developed within the collaborations? What do the objects “tell” about the relation between design and impact?

Interfacing objects

A design process entails a lot of moments and components which can be designed in themselves. Boundary objects, for example, can provide meaningful interfaces between different communities of practice. At the NADR&GoCI booth, visitors are invited to explore a number of ‘designed things’ that materialize the 30 ‘Collaborations for impact’ that are introduced in the accompanying magazine. In all of these collaborations, Universities of Applied Sciences, (Technical) Universities, and one Secondary Vocational School (co-)designed with partners for different value types, such as economic, social, cultural, ecological, or intellectual value.

The exhibition creatively combines all boundary objects in a dynamic grid, showing how they overlap and potentially reinforce each other. During the DDW week, different objects will be highlighted and played with, for example, a Walk-In Model for building better train stations, a Black Box seeking attention, a Bubble Games VR experience for empathy, a “board game” to understand “Who pulls the strings” in the development of Applied Artificial Intelligence and an object which grants the opportunity to be “Collaborating with Nature’s Intelligence.”