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Spacebeest: Maak je eigen ruimtemonster

Upload your own monster and fly off into digital space.

Spacebeest — © OBA Ontwerplab

Creating, coding, and uploading. Join us in the library and experience how you can make these essential building blocks of the digital world your own. This week the library turns into a design studio where you and your family can build, digitize and launch space monsters into digital space.

Join us in our space designstudio

You’ll find everything you need to design your own Spacebeest. Draw, create and design. Ready to launch? GO! Shoot your creation into digital space. You decide how it moves, interacts, and sounds. Are you fast or strong? Light or steady? Happy or grumpy? Get ready to compete with other space monsters and get as many points as you can. Mission accomplished! Ready to make another?

Welcome to the library of the future

Children are growing up in a world where the digital and non-digital are merging. The library of the future wants to welcome everyone into this world and let you become one of its co-creators. The Spacebeest installation represents making, playing and a sense of belonging. The designers and community managers of the public library in Amsterdam (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam) have brought the installation to library locations throughout the city, and have now been invited to exhibit at the Eindhoven library.

Spacebeest is part of Expedition Tech. An adventurous series of digital activities in libraries. The first prototype was launched and tested at Expedition Tech during the summer of 2022 as part of Amsterdam's Midzomer Mokum program.

Expo: Take a look at our design process

Spacebeest is a social design project from OBA’s Ontwerplab (Design lab). At the lab we learn by doing. We test ideas that emerge through research by doing a series of experiments. Each experiment generates learnings that we use to develop new products and services for the library. Next to the Spacebeest installation we will guide you along our design research process and the projects’ learnings.

About OBA Ontwerplab

The Public Library of Amsterdam, the City of Amsterdam and design collective idiotēs work together in the Ontwerplab to advance digital skills and literacy for the people of Amsterdam. To promote people’s capacity to navigate their way in our digital world, a world in which people are connected to their neighbourhood, their city and the internet.

This DDW we are partnering with the Public Library of Eindhoven to showcase our installation Spacebeest.

Spacebeest in OBA Weesp tijdens Midzomermokum — © Anke van der Meer

Spacebeest in OBA Weesp tijdens Midzomermokum — © Anke van der Meer

Spacebeest in OBA Weesp tijdens Midzomermokum — © OBA Ontwerplab


Centre area, Eindhoven Library, Emmasingel 22 , Map No. E3
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