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Artificial Greenhouse

A digital greenhouse for artificial flora!

Artificial Greenhouse is a research into the digital equivalent of crossing and breeding plastic flowers.

What is the future of the artificial plant? Is a plastic flower part of nature?

The artificial plant is an inanimate plastic object that mimics biological flora. Artificial plants efficient. You don't have to water them and they still offer the same fresh homely feeling as a plant in the room. The artificial plant is rampant in our daily environment. In addition to our living rooms, many companies and municipalities offer them accommodation. You could say that the artificial plant is an exotic. They take up space around them rampantly and oppress existing species, in this case the natural plant.
Design duo WhiteNoiseDADA (hereinafter WND) and graphic design studio De Vormforensen have become intrigued by the artificial plant. The more the designers delve into the artificial plant, the more absurd this object becomes. What does this fictional flora say about our relationship with nature and our society?

How do we ensure a sustainable future for the artificial plant?

Breeding and crossing seeds in the physical natural ecosystem can be necessary to protect plants and biodiversity. But it also influences the wishes we have regarding the flower or the plant. Through breeding and crossing we control the species that we grow. The project Artificial Greenhouse is a research into the digital equivalent of crossing and breeding plastic flowers.

who we are?

Artificial Greenhouse is a project and collaboration of WND (Charly Reijnders & Klaas Kuiken) and De Vormforensen (Anne-Marie Geurink & Annelou van Griensven).

Artificial Greenhouse is supported by:

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About WhiteNoiseDADA & De Vormforensen

Designers Klaas Kuiken and Charley Reijnders are WhiteNoiseDADA. Presenting radical provocative and absurdistic design.

De Vormforensen are a graphic design studio that is shaping a different future. Are you in for a more sustainable and social forward?
Centre area, Kazerne – Home of Design, Paradijslaan 2-8 , Map No. E7
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