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(Archive) The Changemaker's Guide

Your personal guide to the Dutch Design Week

This project was part of DDW 2022
The Changemaker's Guide at the Dutch Design Week

Design duo Futurall designed a series of nine pocket-sized guides to the Dutch Design Week. Each guide is written from the point of view of a different changemaking style; a vision for how people can change the world around them.


Which guide is right for you? Find out your match by taking a two minute personality test. Each guide is based on one of nine changemaker personality types. For example, there are Representatives who step up to voice the concerns of people around them and Caretakers who take care of our environments. Take the test, or simply pick the guide that resonates with you!

While wandering through the exhibits, open up your guide for a critical question: ‘what future does this project represent, and do you agree?’ During lunch, find a tip for what to see next. On the train home, filled to the brim with inspiration: reflect on the day with a prompt: ‘what was your favourite project and why did it touch you?’


The project started in 2020. During her thesis project, Eva learnt that many young people in the UK are motivated to make a difference, but find it difficult to know where to start. In response, Eva designed a personality test called Citizens in the Making, together with a small group of young people active in their own communities.

The changemaker types show that there is not a single, ‘right’ way to make change, but rather that there are many. It’s not intended to be prescriptive but rather, like with most personality tests, people can take from it the bits that resonate—those that help them reflect and envision the life they would like to build.

In the summer of 2022, the project was reimagined as a reflective workshop for Science Gallery’s Youth Symposium about climate activism.

What started as an educational tool for young people in the UK, is now an ongoing project investigating our collective capacity for creating the futures we want.

See you there

You can find the Futurall kiosk all week at the Ketelhuisplein. Take the test, pick up your personal guide, and chat about what ‘changemaking’ means to you. It’s bright blue —you can’t miss it.