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Place Deliberation for the Future of Eindhoven

In the Ministry of the Future everybody is a minister

Ministerie van de Toekomst

From 2022 onwards, 'Place Deliberations' will be organised in the Netherlands to discuss the future of this place with different target groups. In Eindhoven, the first 'Place Deliberation' will be held during DDW22 on October 27th in the Eindhoven Library.

Place Deliberation Eindhoven

In this online exhibition and 'Place Deliberation', visitors to think about the future of Eindhoven or elsewhere.
During the online exhibition, visitors will participate actively and engage in developing ideas for a better future.
In the Eindhoven Library during DDW22, the first local Place Deliberation will be held. The visitors will actively experience a future journey and discuss & develop ideas for a better future in Eindhoven.

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About Ministry of te Future

The Ministry of the Future is a Dutch Initiative with the ambition to integrate the future perspective or perspective of future generations in policy making. Our policy systems covers 4 years, and decisions which are being made today have much longer effects on future generations. Think about the current state of our society, for instance climate change.
As a Dutch Network we want to achieve more future mindedness in the decision making process all in the Netherlands (and beyond).
Centre area, Eindhoven Library, Emmasingel 22 , Map No. E3
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