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3D Knit Fieldlab

A space to create sustainable, personalized, and technological knits for the future of Fashion and Architecture in the Netherlands with robots.

3D Knitting in a Shima Seiki Wholegarment Machine — © Troy Nachtigall

Over the past three years, the 3D Knit Fieldlab has lead industrial research into using 3D knitting machines for distributed sustainability, personalized products, parametric practice, and emerging technologies. We present the results of working with the most innovative knitters in the Netherlands.

3D Knit Fieldlab Projects

The 3D Knit Fieldlab is an initiative of the Wearable Data Studio, lead by the Fashion Research and Technology group of the AUAS (HvA). Thanks to support from industry partners and ClickNL, we carried out four innovative projects with Ministry of Knit, New Industrial Order, Knitlab, Bilihome, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Modint, and TU/Eindhoven.

About Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA)

At Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, we perform research into how we can make products, services and systems that are more Sustainable, Diverse, Digital and Democratic. Our research addresses real-life issues from the professional field, conducted in close collaboration with both professors and professionals. Applied research is a crucial component of the many educational programmes we offer. Students work alongside professors in living labs throughout the city and country.

Light Transmission Testing the Bilihome — © Troy Nachtigall

Making Parametric Sweaters — © New Industrial Order

West area, Fashion Tech Farm, Zeelsterstraat 80 , Map No. C2
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