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(Archive) No Space For Waste

A selection of the greatest circular design projects from Isola Design Community.

This project was part of DDW 2022
No Space For Waste during Milan Design Week — © Mauro Serra

No Space for Waste is an exhibition dedicated to functional design pieces made with waste materials and discarded products, aiming to minimize the environmental impact. Participating designers embrace the responsibility to change a production process that can no longer be supported.

No Space For Waste

The No Space for Waste exhibition is a showcase of functional design pieces born from discarded products and unused waste, whose ultimate goal is to minimize the environmental impact.

The participating designers are willing to embrace their responsibility and change a production process that can no longer be supported, bringing more and more awareness to the topic.

The setup of the No Space For Waste exhibit has been designed by Mast, the Amsterdam-based experience and exhibition design studio, using recycled materials provided by Fiction Factory, and in collaboration with Oneeightyone for a light display made of LED light waste.

Most of the design studios and firms based at Schellens will join Dutch Design Week alongside Isola, making it a design hub under the name Something Bigger. Among them is Studio Sander Mulder, with various furniture, lighting, and interior design products from their international operating design studio; and Social Label, presenting a meaningful design.


Byron Clark, Fiction Factory, Gregoire Borach, Hidde Tuinte, Jonathan Bocca
Kunst-S, Macarena Torres, Mesure, Michela Panizza, Paolo Conte Design, Studio Billie van Katwijk, Studio LEESUN, Studio LoopLoop, Studio Vera Nooijen, U-ak, Varun E S, WasteCraft, Zuzanna Skurka.