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MANOU collections.

Fashion collection "a familiare place"

Cable bomber — © Quilla Van Lieshout

The collection A Familiare place was Manou's way of exploring the clothing around her. to search for ways of bringing everyday clothing in new light and to look at her home country in a new light. what are we wearing everyday and what is that telling us?

A fashion collection by Manou

In the Manou collections studio you will find her latest collection and some of her older work. there will be a short film playing as an introduction to the collections and it will be possible to also buy some of her work.

About Manou collections

Dutch culture is an essential part of Manou’s work.
She explores the mundane everyday life in the Netherlands with clothing and looks for undiscovered shapes and ideas within that.
In every collection she uses vintage and dead-stock materials, this way she minimises the impact her work has. Pattern drawing is her main outlet to creating a collection.
Sectie-C area, Hall 10 - L, Daalakkersweg 10 -22 , Map No. H12
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