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(Archive) Amended

Waste not, want not.

This project was part of DDW 2022

The past years confronted me with the pressure of continuously making new things. Rather than creating for the sake of creating and consuming materials, I decided to explore ways of creating and re-creating with existing resources, inspired by the shapes of roadside waste.

"Amended" is a pair of unique furniture pieces made of used polystyrene packaging.

By repurposing packaging, they acquire a new function, and thus value. They become useful, whilst retaining their recognisability as waste products of consumerist, unsustainable and destructive making processes.

Rather than personifying sustainable practices, I see this project as a way to start a dialogue about consuming, making and value.

Trash? Leftovers? Function?
Recycle? Nonsense?
Reuse? Waste? Surplus?

Beautiful? Ugly?
Useful? Garbage?

Amended Bench


Amended Shelf

Amended Bench