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Biomaterial chair

Beata Mielus

Reos project is focused on industrial and household waste. Food industry generates a lot of waste which is often not reused and later disposed. In Reos we reuse byproduct from meat industry – bones, to create new solid biomaterial, which can be formed into various objects. In this case, a seating.

Reos biomaterial

To create a biomaterial, the bones are granulated, then cooked and used as a base for the composites which can utilize various types of household waste. This biomaterial can be molded and shaped in many different forms. The material can be treated with various techniques such as milling, moulding, cutting etc. This chair utilizes bioplastic with coffee grounds and egg shells, but there's many more types of waste that can be combined with this material to create different properties and visual effects.

About Adam Friedrich + Beata Mielus

Friedrich + Mielus is an industrial design duo from Gdansk. In their work they are focused on the functionality, simplicity and sustainability of the products. Very important aspect of their approach to design is concentration on materials and production process, which plays big role in creating object in the responsible way. In their recent projects, they have experimented a lot with alternative materials such as bioplastics and composites.

Designed at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.

Beata Mielus

Beata Mielus

Beata Mielus

Strijp-S area, Yksi Expo, Torenallee 22-04 , Map No. B13
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