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(Archive) Radical Enough?

This project was part of DDW 2022
Uneasy Matter as Living Installation — © Project: Filippo Caprioli

The project aims to give glimpses on the new emerging trends on designing with a new perspective on materiality: Biodesign and Upcycling are the main keywords to describe the the design solutions proposed.

Radical Enough? Design answers from a groundbreaking point of view

"Radical enough?" Synthesises the point of view of six Designers around the topic of what tinkering with new materials means for them.

In this context we as collective are proposing different design proposals and each of them could not be labelled as only design piece but the nature of these works are deeply related to the world Inter-disciplinarily.

Living space installations, new solutions to plastics and pigments, mushrooms in architecture, textiles waste as new source, Mineral Polymers for interior designs.

These are only the facades of the works that our collective is going to present, the reality is that behind each of these polished artefacts are present layers and layers of meaning which make our Design ethical, understandable, useful and mostly a tool of communication of the new trend that we are confident to present as the Radical Design of our times. Being radical has always being perceived as threat among the society so we as new active designers fighting for our future are asking to the audience "Are we Radical Enough?"

Mineral Polymers Stool — © Project: Timoté Rouffignac & Damian Jodorowsky

Algae Pigments — © Project: Ana Beatriz Alves

Mycelium Structure — © Project: Jane Wright

Textile Waste