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(Archive) Expo Drivers of Change

Eindhoven University of Technology shows the most important designs that demonstrate the power of technology in response to the challenges of tomorrow

This project was part of DDW 2022
Bart van Overbeeke

Heat batteries, a developing artificial womb, smart breast cancer detection, the power and scope of photonics, what we can learn about the climate by exploring the South Pole… This and much more can be seen and experienced in the compact Drivers of Change exhibition

Heat batteries, a developing artificial womb and smart breast cancer detection

Heat batteries, an artificial womb in development, a smart way to discover breast cancer, clearly see which avenues photonics open for us and why it is important to investigate the climate at the South Pole on the spot. This and much more can be seen and experienced in the compact exhibition Drivers of Change. The design power lies in the avenues it opens for us to face the uncertain future that lies ahead, backed by valuable technology. No matter how great the challenges, well-used smart technology offers prospects for solutions. In addition to special attention for health and the energy transition, special attention is paid to innovations in sensing and building materials, often based on the extensive research that is done in the TU/e research institutes EIRES (Eindhoven Institute for Renewable Energy), EHCI (Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute), EAISI (Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Institute) and ICMS (Institute for Complex Molecular Systems). In addition to Drivers of Change, TU/e, in collaboration with Pakhuis de Zwijger, is organizing various programs on the theme, including design, on the TU/e campus, from Monday 24 October to 28 October.