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(Archive) ClipHut wood construction system

A wood construction system for a playful and sustainable living!

This project was part of DDW 2022
ClipHut Studio — © ClipHut

From furniture and partition walls to minimal houses: With its intelligent wooden construction system, ClipHut demonstrates a future-oriented, sustainable and environmentally friendly form of building. The system with it's wooden clip connection allows constructions without any screws or glue.

ClipHut is a smart wooden construction system for furniture and light weight houses.

The combination of advanced technology and our wooden clip system is what ClipHut is all about. Our wooden construction system is characterized by a clip mechanism, which can be inserted into each other very easily and, above all, without screws or glue. This simplifies the assembly and disassembly of our system and makes it very sustainable due to the exclusive use of wood. Moreover, this allows our customers to adapt our product to new circumstances in the future. Our web tool complements this process by giving users the option to customize our products to fit their living situation.
With ClipHut we offer a variety of products and want to create a new kind of transparency in building and furniture design, intended to restore the appreciation and meaning of products and thus in particular strengthen sustainability. All our products can be disassembled and reused again in another way. ClipHut is a wooden construction system for a playful and sustainable living experience.

ClipHut Retreat — © ClipHut

ClipHut Pavilion — © ClipHut

ClipHut Partition Wall — © ClipHut

ClipHut Furniture Set