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(Archive) De Snoepwinkel

A candy shop of design critiques: lick, suck, chew, munch and let’s get (sugar) high together!

This project was part of DDW 2022
Anna Resei

Does sugar-coating our designerly critiques make them more enticing and easier to swallow?

A pseudo candy shop

The design world is so often weighed down with ambiguous exhibition texts, self-absorbed research projects, feel-good speculative proposals and fetishisations of craft.

For DDW 2022, the curator of De Snoepwinkel challenges a group of thinkers, designers and makers to create edible design critiques: Some made literally from sugar and its associated ephemera, others look at the complex social and cultural surroundings of candy: the desire, the addiction, the (un)sustainable consumption, the exploitation, the novelty and exchange. Visitors are invited to smell, lick, suck and enjoy the surges of dopamine as the critiques swim through their digestive tracts and seep into their subconsciousness.

With this pseudo candy shop, we are interested in reimagining what shapes and forms critique can take within our contemporary culture. How do we move beyond preaching to the choir, inviting others into these often inaccessible subjects as a form of critical engagement with the public?

Adèle Vivet (FR)
Anna Resei (DE/AT)
Carlos Sfeir (DE/CL)
Chongjin Chen (NL/CHN)
Clara Schweers (DE/NL)
Ida Blichfeld (DK)
Meghan Clarke (NL/UK)
Tadeas Podracky (CZ)
Thomas Woltmann (DK)