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(Archive) Empathy coat, a visual primer.

The Empathy coat's goal is to spark a nuanced conversation around the topic of empathy while eliciting delight in both the wearer and the audience.

This project was part of DDW 2022
The myth of self — © Enclothed Cognition

ENCLOTHED COGNITION: Empathy coat, a visual primer, is an installation that seeks to inspire discussion around the connection between design and well-being. If how we dress impacts the outcome of our interactions, can we use fashion to positively influence our well-being?

Empathy Coat

The Enclothed Cognition project endeavors to highlight underlying patterns that guide our behavior by priming conversations around the impact that design has on our lives.

The act of listening is a form of empathy, it is the thread that connects us and gives us a sense of belonging, which is vital. Empathy is a human capacity that allows us to perceive, process, and respond to others’ emotional states. It is a mechanism to enhance our thinking, for if we know how other people feel, we have a better chance of understanding their perspectives. The Empathy coat serves as both a primer and reminder of the power of empathy within the built environment.

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If you see ten, there's forty, 2021 — © Mark King

To study the self is to forget the self — © Mistral Guidotti

The myth of self — © ENCLOTHED COGNITION