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(Archive) Phytomorphic Being

How may eventually dissolve, the boundaries between us, and plants?

Hello. Welcome to the Phytomorphism Reprogramming Simulation.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Undergo a process of Phytomorphism — © Plant Fictions

..Thank you for participating in this research experiment. This Virtual Reality simulation is a construction intended to bridge the illusion of separation between human and nature.

Update: We will show instead at Microlab: Kastanjelaan 400, 5616LH --- cya!

How may eventually dissolve, the boundaries between us, and plants?

The process of Phytomorphism begins, through an immersive simulation. Audiences are brought into a liminal space - a brief, suspension of time where they are brought into a audio - visual journey: swirls, bright hues of colors.

The term Phytomorphism as coined, refers to “plant form”. The Simulation seeks to deconstruct existing mental patterns of categorical thinking, which have enabled a fragmented perception of reality, creating the illusion of a world that consists of separate and fixed objects. Through a careful deconstruction of our giving notions of NATURE, we begin to integrate these insights into our being.

Audiences undergo an exercise in stretching neuroplasticity, enabling a flexibility and expansion of the mind and a wider consciousness. These long given distinctions between beings are questioned and redefined, and consequently, we begin to weave collective intelligence to each other.