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IWA | Light Forest

Make your presence magic, connect with light and sound.

Welcome to the tech revolution | Welcome to IWA

Our design makes use of technology to make you be one with your surroundings, we aim to drown you in a forest of stimuli — a forest of light and sound.

Together explore a more conscious connection with our surroundings and our inner nature. We aim to reunite people in a more authentic way.

IWA Spaces — Magic Spaces

Present in Microlab, in the design district of Eindhoven. IWA is presenting its first magic space, a space where you will be able to connect with light and music in a symbiosis between technology and nature.

In the center of our exposition, we present our responsive light spheres. These are designed with a technology that makes them reactive to your current state. Surrounded by plants and music, you will get submerged in a space that will stimulate all of your senses.

Collaborating with multiple artists, we created a space that gathers different manifestations of our society's beauty.

With this experience, we aim to spark a question in you... Are there any other ways to be?

Tools to unlock a better future

IWA was founded with the objective of designing technology for tomorrow in today's world. In our exposition, you will be introduced to our vision of the future.

Our society needs tools that give us opportunities for change, tools that empower us to be better. That's why we are designing a ring. During our exposition, you will be introduced to all the possibilities that this piece of tech can bring to society.

Part of our vision for a better future is community. Currently, we have the infrastructure to connect and reach humans on a global scale.

We thought: Why not use these infrastructures to make everyone's opinion equally valuable?

With this question, we want to invite the visitor to imagine with us a different way to do things.

About IWA

IWA is a design collective founded by two young professionals, who intend to design with the bigger purpose of bringing innovation to society and improving as many lives as possible.

We are connected to design and we see it as a tool to inspire and go beyond the limits of the unknown. It is a tool to explore and dare to create what only exists in our imagination.