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The Living Roadblock

Welcome home moss

What if our everyday products are alive? Imagine breathable houses, living coffins and self-healing T-shirts. Studio Hendrikx strives to restore the parasitic relationship between humanity and its environment by expanding the horizon of human imagination by exploring living materials.

They outlived dinosaurs

They grow on the roofs above our heads, they fill up the cracks in the pavement and are home to a diversity of organisms. Moss: one of planet earth's oldest creatures. They outlived dinosaurs. But are now considered a weed to be removed.

While moss aims to grasp our attention, we have been ignoring its ecological value. We have built cities that exclude nature. But what if we empower nature?

What if we can turn dead roadblocks alive? New research has shown that moss can play a critical role in cities tackling climate change. Not only improving the air quality and mental well being of humans, But also reducing traffic noise and heat in ever-changing summers.

Moss provides a crucial habitat for insects and microorganisms. The Living Roadblock is designed to improve human life, while giving nature a place to thrive. Welcome home moss.

In collaboration with TU Delft, Respyre, Gardena and Heijmans. 

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About Studio Hendrikx

Studio Hendrikx is a design studio led by Inventor, Architect & Biodesigner Bob Hendrikx. The team consists of designers, engineers and scientists who focus solely on collaborating with living organisms, hereby striving for a new fundamental relationship with the natural world.