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An alternative materials narrative that propagates a transition away from an economy reliant on fossil fuels, to one that can be sustained.

This project was part of DDW 2022
A BLUNT STORY Uncrude® material development — © Photo by: Ayush Kumar; Edits: Satyam Uniyal

A BLUNT STORY was born out of urgent and intersecting conversations about existence, agency and our place within systems that are seemingly cemented in place. We present an alternative narrative that challenges current conventions with a range of sandals made from plant-based and recycled materials.

As an antidote to outdated ideals…and materials, we created our materials to reflect our hope for evolution. We chose to abandon the crude oil paradigm and eradicated all petroleum-derived plastics and petrochemicals from the entire chemistry of the sole – UNCRUDE®. For our uppers, we repurpose and upcycle waste that would otherwise end up in our waste streams –UNWASTE™.

Our medium serves as our message, as the materials, we develop work to inform and engage our audience to better understand their impact. We take this further into our construction and design of the range as we expose the materials underneath and invite the wearer to question said materials.

Together, Uncrude® and Unwaste™ represent a shift in the way we design; as what is consumed in the process of creation holds as much, if not more, weight than whom we design for.

UNCRUDE® - Post extractive prototype 01 - plant-based and plastic-free.

Like many other industries, plastics have been celebrated in the footwear industry as both a performance and aesthetic benchmark.

In the soles, where the reliance on crude-oil derived polymers and petrochemicals is most felt, we eradicated all of them to keep them from leeching microplastics and toxins. Our sandals sit on our signature UNCRUDE® soles that are 100% free of petroleum-derived resins, petrochemicals and plasticisers. Developed in-house with renewable plant-based materials and chemistry that cares for the makers.
With India being the largest exporter of rice in the world, it is left dealing with a lot of the waste from the process. We utilise the abundantly available waste from rice farming alongside bio-based oils in the process.
The resulting footbed is 96% bio-based and the outsole is 70% bio-based. They are also recyclable.

UNWASTE™ - Post extractive prototype 02 - Recycled

With Unwaste we address end-of-life issues from industries reliant on crude. Like other developing and underdeveloped nations, India sits at the heart of the global waste trade.

With our uppers, we look to address the surmounting waste problem while keeping it out of our waste streams.
The sneaky bit of plastic foam that sits hidden between layers of the upper is often overlooked. This plastic foam is replaced by a cushioning made entirely from post-consumer garment waste, that we call UNWASTE™. Developed with our partners, this too is recyclable.
Recycled polyester from pet waste and leather offcuts from the luxury automotive industry make up the rest of the upper.

With uppers lined with anti-microbial Bamboo fabric on the inside, and our plant-based Uncrude footbed the sandals are designed to keep feet cool, dry, and free of toxins.

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A BLUNT STORY _ A Deconstructed Dream — © Photo by - Ayush Kumar

A BLUNT STORY _ Flip S(L)ide — © Photo by : Ayush Kumar

A BLUNT STORY — © Photo : Ishika Madan

A Blunt Story puts agricultural waste to use