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InoAcademy by Vilnius Academy of Arts

Jewellery collection Reload by Ieva Laskeviciute

Designers from Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania are experimenting with new materials from algae, food waste, eggshells, glaze from the ashes of a power plant and unsorted glass waste. The materials research is part of the InoAcademy, a project to strengthen entrepreneurship.

InoAcademy by Vilnius Academy of Arts

The project InoAcademy presents works created by young design entrepreneurs from Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania). The aim of the project is to significantly strengthen the entrepreneurship culture at the education institution, involve researchers, and prepare R&D products for commercialization. Welcome to explore new materials from algae, food waste, eggshell, ceramics glaze made of cogeneration plant slag and unsorted glass waste or 3D ceramic furnace reconstruction technology.

Projects by Ieva Laskeviciute, Airidas Skublickas and Rokas Dovydenas

Jewellery collection Reloaded by Ieva Laskeviciute

The jewellery collection analyses the relation between carbonate-class minerals calcite, aragonite, dolomite and hen eggshells. The chemical composition of these minerals almost perfectly matches that of eggshells found in most household environments. The eggshell is composed almost entirely of calcium and magnesium carbonates, and the chemical composition of the selected carbonate-class minerals is dominated by this particular inorganic salt. Jewellery is made with these new eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing stones that promote zero-waste policy and thus become a substitute for precious stones in jewellery and design.

Cinivitro by Airidas Skublickas

Cinivitro is an experimental material made of cogeneration plant slag and unsorted glass waste. There is a huge potential to use it for mass production – from protective coatings for surfaces, such as enamels for metal or glaze for ceramics, as well as to produce ceramic masses.

3D ceramic furnace reconstruction technology by Rokas Dovydenas

A complex system that helps to restore furnace tiles in a more sustainable and less expensive way. With the help of 3D ceramics scanning and printing technology, the production of equipment matrices becomes less complicated, lower numbers of defects and minimises storage. This is a wonderful solution for museums and private homes with ancient ceramic furnaces.

About Vilnius Academy of Arts

Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) is the oldest and largest university of arts in the Baltic States established in 1793. The Academy offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies in the fields of art, design, architecture and art history. Today the Academy has more than 1,500 students in four faculty locations – Vilnius, Kaunas, Telšiai and Klaipėda.

Rokas DovydÄ—nas at his studio

A piece from Rokas DovydÄ—nas ceramic collection

Cinivitro by Airidas Skublickas

Jewellery collection Reload by Ieva Laskeviciute