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(Archive) Connecting worlds for a better future

This project was part of DDW 2022
EDUBox — © Joëlle Steendam

Valuing others’ experiences and having an open mindset to explore the present, enables us all to define futures collectively.

EDUBox as a learning context

University of Twente welcomes you to visit the EDUBox, the meeting place to jointly discover and shape the future of chronic health. Think about the role we play in society, get inspired by the merge of design and science, and discover how we can positively influence our yet-to-be-designed health future. Here, we make people aware of their own influence on health. Using data and technology, we facilitate sharing both challenges and solutions, for example in regard to entering adulthood. We also encourage curiosity in other people’s perspectives and let people experience the importance of health in education. EDUBox invites knowledge exchange in an accessible way, even in places where this is lacking. Thanks to its design, this fully equipped, self-sufficient container is easy to transport to different places around the world.

Mini Design Ride | Mycelium: a network for individuals to flourish together

Using the mycelium as a metaphor for a people’s network, this installation depictsthe societal stakeholders and how they should stay connected. In a forest, the mycelium helps the plants in sharing nutrients. In society, we should share knowledge to create futures in which we can flourish together!

Artist impression Mini Design Ride — © Berk Yilmaz