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Get Set Strijp T / Get Set Health

Make, Create, Innovate and Educate at Strijp-T. Innovations and designs which make impact in lives and business.

Zorg Event 2021 in de Corridor @ Strijp-T — © Vegro en TechMatters

Innovations and Designs which are (partly) developed at Strijp-T or have a relationship with companies at Strijp-T are present. As must see for tech and design lovers.

On Monday 24-10 and Tuesday 25-10 between 11 AM- 13 PM also an exibition of health innovations.

Get Set Strijp-T en Get Set Health

The Get Set innovations of Strijp-T organisations and related companies will be exhibit during the DDW. We give some high lights:
Sorama will exhi their innovations to make sound visual on different ways. Avular is present with their high tech drones and robots. Evido shows visual designs. 24 Uur in Bedrijf arranges some inspiring talks. Rolie the wheelchair robot drives autonomously in the corridor. Robot Maatje talks with humans in a platform with radar-sensor technology. TechKicks shows an educational concept on a digital, fysical and virtual way. Fontys exhibits an experience installation, how reacts a building on humans. Explore the design installation of Francine Meerveld: The Trip. Gi-jeong Goo shows an digital environmental design. Karin Fischnaller makes the navigating complexity of social media visual. Also other designs and innovations will be present.

On Monday 24-Oct and Tuesday 25-Oct is a Get Set Health Event, from 10 AM-13 PM: techtalks, on spot health innovations will be shown. Attended parties with innovations: Vegro, Z3DLab, Qwiek, LTT, VR In Motion, Propeaq, PlasmaCure, Rollz, and others. Every half hour you can visit a tech talk.

Be aware, be there.

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Strijp-T in Eindhoven develops and innovates continues. In this area companies work together on the future, by experimenting, searching and developing, they create new solutions from idea to reality.