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(Archive) Matter made of Landscapes

The evocative power of construction materials

This project was part of DDW 2022
Partenopea | penta — © photography by Pierre Castignola

Journey through forms, the geographical and cultural contexts inspiring them. The exhibition, framed in two chapters, includes selected pieces from Garofalo's design collections. From objects to short films, the show traces a panoramic on his design research and how it translates into materiality.


An ignimbrite rock, arches and vaults, the architecture of Naples, a city at the centre of the Mediterranean. Partenopea. An outstanding example of heterogeneity narrates a perfect integration between natural and artificial.


A large aquatic grass, seeds deposited by the seawater on the bottom of the future Noordoostpolder rural landscape. Dorico. Experimental process capturing an essential relationship between individuals, society and design.

Partenopea | deúteros — © photography by Pierre Castignola

Dorico | stool 2018 (rough version) — © photography by Corradino Garofalo

Dorico | close up