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Remastered Art

Remastered Art

"Vigor" and "Reinvigorated"

Frame remastered — © ErnstSpaanPhotography

By "remastering" an old painting or portrait, the life of this old piece is extended in an innovative and sustainable way. Old paintings, stowed away in the attic due to varying appreciation and change in taste, are now given a second life!

"Vigor" and "Reinvigorated"

In this art project I will 'remaster' a classical art frame and an old portrait into renewed modernistic artworks. For the artwork "Vigor" I will add an highly expressive photocollage as contrasting element to a classical art frame.
For artproject "Invigorated" an old monochrome portrait of an unknown man is transformed and given new meaning by merging images into a photographic collage. The portrayed unknown man is given a new identity and brought out of oblivion and pulled into the present as it were.

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About Ernst Spaan

Ernst Spaan creates conceptual photographic images and multimedia art projects. Characteristic for his work is the expressive, abstract style, exploring the boundaries between photography, painting and graphical art. His aesthetic artworks find their way to galleries, businesses and art lovers.

Vigor — © ErnstSpaanPhotography

Individual reinvigorated — © ErnstSpaanPhotography