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(Archive) Time-proof Moving Memories

Come to try tools for people living with Dementia.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Aurore Brard

And you, what is your time-proof moving memory?


Have you ever been daydreaming while folding socks or finally relaxing after a long day while peeling potatoes?

Habits and functional routines turn into relaxing rituals, because of their familiarity. While dementia can erase memories, the memory of movement stays longer.
These routines can procure comfort and relaxation while stimulating the senses.

This year for DDW we propose you join us and explore what your time-proof moving memory is. Come along to try the intriguing objects of the collection Moving Memories. You are welcome to touch, hear, feel and share!


As a daily activity throughout our lives, cooking is largely automatic. Stirring, pouring, grinding, kneading, sprinkling; our hands know what to do.

This is known as procedural memory and is the last to slip away in people living with dementia. Brard calls on these ingrained practices in Moving Memories, a set of playful, intuitive tools, that mimic familiar specific movements in cooking, stimulating the senses and encouraging curiosity.

Unlike real kitchen utensils, there is no wrong way to handle them. In a world that has become confusing and foreign, these movements are comforting in their familiarity.

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Femke Rijerman