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Afaina de Jong / AFARAI & Innavisions - Agliment

Feel the Vibe at Eindhoven Airport: Afaina de Jong / AFARAI & Innavisions

Afaina de Jong / AFARAI & Innavisions

Architect and Head of Contextual Design at DAE, Afaina de Jong, shows that design and architecture play a part in the visibility of communities and histories that were previously excluded.

Feel the Vibe at Eindhoven Airport: Afaina de Jong / AFARAI & Innavisions

Presented across three vitrines are a series of hanging and interlocking spatial objects. The spatial objects draw on de Jong and long-time collaborator Innavision’s spatial and formal language. Sitting at the intersection of architecture, design and art the three installations explore the interchanging meaning of what it is to see and to be seen. Through the movement of the audience the graphic and spatial nature of the works plays with the alignment of its shapes and palette and consequently with what and who is inside and outside.

The world of reference that ‘Aligment’ emerges from is a world beyond Modernism, a multiplicity of realities. ‘Alignment’ prompts us to consider, and question, audiences’ aesthetic and cultural references. Here references and realities exist together – in the motifs of the spatial objects as well as within the vitrines themselves. As such they function as engaging propositions for a shared reality while sharing space.

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