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This project was part of DDW 2022
Timon Mattelaer

No Time For High Fives is proud to present their first exhibition. The international collective will show works of designers such as, Atelier Timon Mattelaer, Thibeau Scarceriaux, Lyla Design, Lauren Goodman, Ex Figura and Lucas Zito.

No Time For High Five

No Time For High Fives is a group exhibition highlighting design strategies for a sustainable future. Featuring seven individual interpretations, the featured designers share a mission to identify alternatives to systems rooted in extraction and focus on long term ecological and social impacts. The curation of an adaptive, changeable space, establishes an environment of curiosity and reflection. Featuring experiments in upcycling, localization, zero waste and the use of organic and biodegradable materials, the designers intentionally explore process, practice and materiality, seeking to find balance between user, product and environment.