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(Archive) Je kiest, maar wat?!

A game for young people that opens up the conversation about choices they might face, different ways of reacting and the possible consequences.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Je Kiest, Maar Wat?!

Adolescents often focus on the short-term consequences of their choices. This is due to their undeveloped neurology. The game Je kiest, maar wat?! allows them to playfully reflect on the possible long-term consequences of choices and provides insight into the motives that drive our behavior.

A matter of choice.

Young people - and especially adolescents - sometimes unintentionally face choices that could influence the rest of their lives. With their limited life experience, undeveloped neurology and often with pressure from peers, they sometimes make decisions that lead them down a road where it is difficult to change direction.

Gullibility, infatuation, fear and shame can get in the way of asking for outside help.

Je kiest, maar wat?! arises out of a design challenge from youth care. How to make young people more aware of the possible long-term consequences of the choices they make. It focuses on the various motives that lie behind choices and allows young people to discuss and reflect about this together.

The game is still in development and will soon be launched and used in secondary schools.

Presentation test version on the DDW '22

During the DDW '22, Garage2020 x Studio Kim Haagen will show the last test version of the game. The visitor is invited to play the game and participate in the design process by giving points for improvement or new dilemmas that can be included in the final version of the game.

We're looking forward to seeing you at the Something Bigger expo in the Schellens Fabriek!