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Sustainable Dynamic Structures

A real-size modular system - inspired by Lego, invented for life. CORKBRICK reinvents the way we deal with nature and the space we live in.

Creating an extra room for short rental guests — © Corkbrick Europe

CORKBRICK is about versatility, flexibility and comfort. It allows you to explore the possibilities of configurations towards a practical use that can easily be transformed into another. The seven 'brocks' mount and dismount using simply your bare hands. No tools, no screws, no glues.

Home applications

CORKBRICK empowers us all to build walls or furniture, inside or outside – with no tools, no screws and no glue. It is easy to use, fun and simple to change, when your needs or mood does. Ideal for home decor, wall design, modern living rooms, renovation and adaptation of the space to the need of the moment.

Corkbrick commercial and public spaces applications

CORKBRICK is born out of nature. It is healthy, dynamic, flexible, fun and perfect for creative office interior design, modern workspace, co working space design, hotels, airports, museums and other public spaces.

The great value of CORKBRICK solutions rely on the possibly to adequate your space to different moments. This unique characteristic makes CORKBRICK solutions very ECOnomical and efficient — you can use the same set to build different architectures, many times. Nothing is wasted. Smart and Sustainable!

Empower your Creativity!

With Corkbrick, in minutes you can build a wall, a bookcase or a bed... your imagination is the only limit!

For the first time in history an object can have multiple personalities. There is no comparable solution on the market. All with your bare hands, with very light components, it can be handled by any person from 8 to 88 years old!...

Moreover, we are leveraging from video games technology to create Corkbrick Play. "CORKBRICK PLAY" will be a building block digital game with an elegant narrative behind it (a spin on the Robinson Crusoe story, symbolizing sustainability, resourcefulness, and humanity), but with one major difference: the players will be able to build anything they make in the digital game in the actual world — and profit from their innovations!

For the first time in history, a video game will combine the fun of playing and exploring with the scope of developing useful and sustainable solutions improving living spaces.

Our world needs peace, collaboration, creativity and fun. We are gamifying all these core values to empower real ECOnomy.

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About Corkbrick Europe

Our mission is empower people's creativity and to improve people's lives by simplifying the way people design and adapt the spaces they live and work, with clever, fun, natural and sustainable solutions.

We feel that CORKBRICK is a unique system that will change households, office spaces and many other private and public spaces.

A modern loft built with Corkbrick — © Corkbrick Europe

Easy to setup Corkbrick stairs — © Corkbrick Europe

Dynamic Art Gallery with Corkbrick — © Corkbrick Europe

Kids adaptable room with Corkbrick

Strijp-S area, Klokgebouw | Hall 2, Klokgebouw 50 , Map No. B1
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