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(Archive) Class of 22

This project was part of DDW 2022

Class of 22 is a group exhibition presenting projects from various Dutch academies.

Emphasizing the importance of the next generation of makers.

Class of 22 is the only group exhibition presenting graduation projects from various Dutch academies within multiple design disciplines. The project’s goal is to emphasize the importance of education and to give center stage to the next generation of designers to a bigger audience.

Dutch Design Foundation works on an exhibition which contributes to a cohesive appearance, but at the same time gives each participating academy the opportunity to stand out and tell their own story. The goal is to let the story of each individual academy reflect on the current theme of Dutch Design Week.

Within this exhibition, which was first held in 2021, participating academies reflect on the actual theme of DDW. Each in their own way.

Participating academies are: KABK, Maastricht Institute of Arts (Zuyd), HKU, Academy of Art, Communication & Design (Fontys), WDKA & St. Joost.