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Beyond Billy

How to slow down fast furniture

Experience a sustainable livingroom — © TheSubstitute

Every 5 seconds a Billy bookcase rolls off the production line. Low-grade chipboard with plastic veneer. Not recyclable and back (as waste) on the street in no time. Beyond Billy is a showcase of The Substitute, a community focussing on the sustainable alternative for our interior.

An 'exhibition room' filled with sustainable substitutes

From paint to sofa, from floor to table, there's a sustainable alternative for every budget.

With a mix of sustainable material, second-hand, and sustainable new, community members of The Substitute furnish a 'living room' with hopeful design and inspiration for consumers, designers and interior professionals.

For designers and architects there is more information on everything in the expo and some samples of sustainable material.

- Campo Interior Design
- Cooloo
- A House of Happiness
- Wintage
- Tierrafino
- Kairos Furniture
- Nic&Mic
- The Upcycle Collection
- Springt Design
- Zo Schoon
- A Lott of Space
- de Houtbroeders
- AcousMe
- Spoinq
- Planq
- Lartura
- Rock Products

About The Substitute

The Substitute community was founded in 2020 and emerged from the 'Duurzame Woonbeurs' (2019). Machteld Rijnten and Marieke Kamphuis, founders and community leaders, created a solid foundation with an online platform, social channels and offline events from which they boost the sustainability transition in the interior sector.
All sustainable alternatives — © Photography and Styling: Heidi Willems
Strijp-S area, The New Block, Kastanjelaan 300 , Map No. B23
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