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(Archive) Moods en Aptum presenteren: ‘Parade’.


This project was part of DDW 2022
Moods — © Moods

MOODS has joined forces with APTUM to create and present new work together. The aim of this collaborations is to stimulate the imagination, let creativity flow and surprise visitors.

Moods and Aptum present: ‘Parade’

Light colored lines with seemingly static surfaces house illuminated shapes. Modest grazing light enters the space as if a shutter to another world opens.
Subtly, the viewer's curiosity is created.

Tiles and light, an unlikely combination? Perhaps. But what connects Aptum and Moods is the high level of customization for (interior) architects, love for patterns, lines and color.
Parade comes in all sizes, can be applied to any surface, with all different types of tiles. Live it up!